US Justice Dept seizes part of missing money from Bitfinex Tether scandal. Arrests made.


The Bitfinex – Tether scandal continues while the U.S. Department of justice seizes a part of the Bitfinex customers missing money.

Article laying out the details and connection points

Indictment Info

Reginald Fowler, a former minority stakeholder in the Vikings, arrested.

Reggie arrest, article by Sports Illustrated

Reggie Fowler has a history of shady dealings

In a statement, James accused Bitfinex of fraud, saying it was treating “Tether’s cash reserves as Bitfinex’s corporate slush fund.” In the filing that was used to obtain the court-ordered freeze, the New York Attorney General’s office cited numerous communications in October between increasingly panicked Bitfinex executives and Crypto Capital in which the exchange claimed to be having serious trouble meeting withdrawal requests since it couldn’t access the $850 million.

It was at this point, Crypto Capital appears to have started to work with Chandler, Ariz., businessman Fowler, 60, in order to gain access to bank accounts it could use to transfer U.S. dollars to and from clients.

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