Cardano [ADA] co-founder supports Disciplina, a blockchain based start-up

Cardano [ADA] co-founder, Kenji Sasaki has recently invested in the ICO of Disciplina, a start-up based on blockchain technology. Disciplina has been recently established to utilise blockchain technology in the domain of education and recruitment purposes. Currently, Cardano [ADA] crypto coin enjoys an impressive market capitalisation which exceeds US $5 billion. BCFocus has previously reported about Cardano [ADA] preparing for “Blockchain Independence” with the Shelly test net.

Ilya Nikiforov, the founder and CEO of the start-up, Disciplina commented, “This is a huge endorsement for Disciplina by one of the world leaders in blockchain and cryptography. We are thrilled that Mr. Sasaki sees the opportunity for our platform to improve the way academic records are managed.”

Disciplina is differentiated from other start-ups since it is the first organisation to leverage blockchain for verifying qualifications. The platform first verifies profiles of individuals having professional and academic data. If it detects any falsity, then it immediately exposes the fake qualifications.

The inclination of Sasaki towards this blockchain start-up generated due the impressive business idea adopted by Disciplina. He has complete faith in the venture that the company, comprising the former team members of Cardano [ADA], has framed for itself.

Sasaki himself stated, “Some of our developers from Cardano have migrated to Disciplina, which gives me confidence in the sophistication of the platform. It’s a great idea and a compelling proposition.” Disciplina is the blockchain platform that amalgamates all the data involved in schools, minor institutes, universities and online educational portals.

Nikiforov said, “Academic fraud is a serious and potentially life-threatening issue, particularly if the degree that’s been faked is in the medical field. Disciplina will make it virtually impossible for anyone to fake their credentials.” Records suggest that in 2013-2014, the buyers in UK were involved in the purchase of 3000 fake educational qualifications. These qualifications include even the highest degrees like PhDs, doctorates and post-graduation.

Disciplina CEO further added, “We are transforming the way educational records are generated, stored and accessed. It is going to make the recruitment process easier and more transparent.” The fundamental intention of Disciplina is to provide authentic ranking of individuals based on educational achievements and credentials. Nikiforov commented, “Education technology is a rapidly growing market that’s ripe for disruption. We are seeing universities all around the world begin to offer courses in Blockchain technology in addition to implementing Blockchain in their operations.”

The estimated amount that Disciplina plans to raise in an ICO event is nearly US$15 million. It is also preparing itself to provide online courses by collaborating with the app called “TeachMePlease.” The app already has a registration of more than 20,000 candidates.

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